5 tips for your wedding decoration

The decoration at the wedding is really important. It gives the wedding his personal touch. Here our 5 tips for a special decoration:
1.    Personalitly
As yourself what kind of couple you are and what for similarities you want to have in your decoration. For example you two love motorbikes: You use a screw-nut as a candleholder.
2.    Style
If you have decided on a style, stay with it. Your decoration should be function from the beginning to the end. Everything should be convenient with your style.
3.    Colour arrangement
Decide a maximum of 5 wedding colours and try to let them appear again and again. (for example in the flower arrangements, table decoration, table napkins, vase etc.)
4.    Light
Create with light a good ambiance. There are several possibilities to create a romantic effect. For example candles or fairy lights.
5.    Take care on the details
Don’t forget unspectacular spots as the foyer or the toilets. It is worth to take care on this places and create this special ambiance.