the perfect proposal

We have five examples for a wonderful proposal – and one, which didn’t went well. 

1. The famous one:

Liam shoots a touching film. He presents the film during a cinema visit as a surpise. Video

2. The playful one:

Isaac summoned up all his friends to dance his proposal. Video

3. The hollywood one:

accompanied of a ostentatious show: like Americans know them, Justin asks his Nicky to marry him Video

4. The crazy one:

Josh falls down a high bildung in front of his girlfriend. Down there he asks his shoked girlfriend to marry him. Video

5. The surprising one:

Kevin and Molly sit together in a passport photo machine. As the machine is shortly to take its picture, Kevin produces two rings and asks Molly to marry him. Video

 … how you shouldn’t propose:

The wrong location:  A man proposes during the break of a basketball game. See her reaction and answer: Video